703 Camino de la Familia UNIT 3102 (around back) Santa Fe, NM 87501. In the ArtYard building in Railyard, behind Warehouse 21, Railyard Flats and next to Railyard Fitness.

Mon – Fri, 8:00a – 9p

Sat – Sun, 8:00a – 1:30pm

(Early classes coming in the new year!)

(Workshops, Teacher Training & Class Series extend beyond regular class schedule.)

T: 505.577.4671

Finding Us/Parking

Biking and walking are great ways to get to the Railyard, and you can park for free! Parking is widely available but is paid-only during the daytime class hours. Leave extra time to park and pay before class. The pay meter is closer to Warehouse 21’s building.

We are located in Unit 3102 on the back side of the ArtYard building (next to Railyard Fitness). The door won’t be open until 10-15 minutes before class for some classes, so please keep that in mind (you can wait on the bench outside, if you like).

Work/Study Opportunities

are available! If you are interested in committing to three months of service (between 2- 2 1/2 hours per week) in exchange for unlimited classes, please FILL OUT THE APPLICATION BY CLICKING HERE.


New to Yoga?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move confidently in. Choose a Level 1 class to start!

Class Levels:

1= suitable for beginners/all levels

2= intermediate/prior experience/stability and strength

3= advanced/some challenging options offered

Be prepared to practice in bare feet (better for stability and posture)! …unless you’re taking restorative yoga where you can leave your socks on.

Avoid wearing artificial scents to class.

In a warmer, more active class make-up can run— be prepared.

Ask questions and let the instructor know if you are working with any injuries, or are a brand-new student before class!

If you don’t like any hands-on assists or contact, please let the teacher know before class (in case they forget to ask).

Don’t feel shy about speaking up or asking for support when you need it! Don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right for you. Practice at your own pace and honor whatever that is. The teacher will respect what you need to do for you.

Complimentary water and tea are available in the studio.

Mats are available for rent or sale.

About Us

The original Akasha Studio opened in 2010 in our old, beloved JP neighborhood of Boston. Still inspired by that initial courageous act of heart, and a willingness to engage more deeply with self, community, environment and the possibility of what we can build together, Anthe has opened the latest iteration of Akasha Studio in Santa Fe, her new (and old) home.

We hope our heart can take root, here, too, and grow something bright, beautiful and strong in our new community.

We offer Akasha to you as a space to center, strengthen, release, overcome, surrender, savor bliss, challenge yourself, enjoy community and to find new ways of building and contributing to it.

We bring a diversity of modalities to our collective teaching practice with the intention that our combined centuries of experience will extend something meaningful for you to engage with. Our life is our practice, and so we hold this container for each other to enter into to reconnect and reemerge wiser, stronger, clearer and more joyous.